Reasonable Real Estate Commission

I believe Portland real estate agent commissions should be reasonable. Though I have become increasingly successful over the years, reaching Top 5% in the country, I have maintained a reasonable commission rate of 4.5% maximum to 2% as a listing agent, typically earning 2% for my services and offering the buyer’s agent 2.5%.

Our Maximum Commission (4.5%)

Realtor Commission
As a listing agent specialist, I keep only 2% and offer 2.5% commission to the buying agent. While all real estate commissions are negotiable and there is no standard, what commission rate is offered to the buyer’s agent does matter.

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Team Commission Discount (4.25%)

Most buyers do not want to work with the listing agent and want a buyer’s agent to represent them in the sale. So if we get a buyer lead and they don’t want to work with me, I assign them to my buyer’s agent Kami Price. This is called Disclosed Limited Agency, the buyer and seller have to both agree to this in writing. If she sells it, the total commission charge is 4.25%, an additional discount of .25%. Kami Price is a top 1% buyers agent in Portland. You can find out all about her services here.

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Dual Representation Commission Discount (3%)

If a buyer reaches out to me and wants the listing agent to represent them (both sides) the total commission is 3%. I only do this if it is something the seller desires and with the seller’s full permission. This is called Disclosed Limited Agency, the buyer and seller have to both agree to this in writing. This situation often comes up if the seller already knows the buyer or if the buyer happens to be an investor (someone who buys and sells real estate frequently) and doesn’t feel the need to have a buyer’s agent.

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Real Estate Commission Calculator

Real Estate Commission Calculator

Portland Real Estate Commission
Portland Real Estate Commission

Cancel Anytime for No Charge!

Portland real estate contracts
Yes, it is true. Anytime during our listing period the seller can give us 24 hour notice to cancel the listing agreement and they will not be charged. After the 24 hour notice expires, the seller can sell it themselves or hire a different real estate agent with no strings attached (this is not typical in our industry). The only time the seller cannot cancel is when we are in active contract with a buyer. We believe in fair and easy contracts that don’t lock the seller in.

Unbeatable Home Marketing

Real Estate Marketing
Over 100,000+ online views on average per listing! We are not simply on all the tens of thousands of real estate websites, we pay extra to the top real estate sites in the country to push your listing forward, so it gets found faster and more often.


What day works for you?

We’d love to stop by and visit your home, share our value estimate, give tips to prepare the home for market, and share all the tools we use to sell our client’s homes faster and for more.

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Real Estate Commission Summary

How can I charge 2% for myself and provide full service and increased marketing?

First, If I save money, you save money. If my team member sells it, you get a discount. If I represent both sides you get a big discount. In the very rare case when the buyer self-represents the total charge is 2% (ask for details).

Secondly, we sell a lot of homes. A lot. This enables us to have a pay less and get more model. Our clients pay less, but we pay more to market their homes than other competitors. Our clients love it! We’ve earned hundreds of positive real estate agent reviews and multiple top ranked customer service and sales awards. Finally, I believe our real estate commission rate is reasonable and creates a win-win situation for our clients.

Stephen FitzMaurice, Realtor
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