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This is a top 100 real estate blog in the world according to Feedspot.com. In particular, this is a local real estate blog written by a top 1% real estate agent in the U.S., Stephen FitzMaurice, Realtor. Stephen regularly reports on the greater Portland metro area’s real estate market including annual housing forecasts and best time to sell or buy a home reports. He gives home selling and home buying professional advice. He also writes informative articles on Portland neighborhoods and suburbs as they relate to the real estate market. Finally, he writes to inform the general public about real estate agents, such as annual average real estate agent commission reports and more.

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how to sell home with tenant

How to Sell a Home with a Tenant Inside in 2021

April 14, 2021

Selling a tenant occupied home has never been trickier. A landlord must be aware of constantly changing local regulations, whether it be state, county, or city and at the same time keep an eye on federal emergency regulations. All of the above governmental agencies can override any existing lease between the homeowner and tenant. Selling a Home with a National Eviction Mandatorium in Place Right now we are still in a Federal national eviction mandatory that lasts until June 30th, 2021, and could be extended further. In effect, no homeowner in all 50 states can simply let their contract with the tenant expire or remove a tenant for issues like non-payment. If a homeowner evicts a tenant under Federal protections...

rush on the last remaining homes for rent or for sale

Market Update: Will Portland Climb Out of the Inventory Slump?

April 13, 2021

According to the latest RMLS data, Portland may be hitting another record low for housing inventory. The 90 day average sits at 550 active listings, down from 891 last year. Portland’s inventory crisis consistently topped the list of biggest Portland real estate news stories over the past year, with the pandemic making a clear impact. We’ve theorized that fewer folks were willing to sell during the pandemic, but that Covid-19 doesn’t appear to have deterred buyers. With demand consistently outstripping supply, inventory suffers. But what happens now that we’re entering the busy season for Portland real estate? The weather is getting nicer, and more folks are getting those vaccines. So will Portland see more homes go on the market? April...

home buyer showings to sell a home

How Many Showings to Sell a Home? 2021 Update

April 9, 2021

The Portland real estate market has been quite volatile since the advent of COVID 19 in early 2020. No one predicted the seller’s market we are in now. After COVID 19 hit, home became more important than ever to the entire country, somehow at the same time dramatically decreasing inventory and dramatically increasing buyer demand. While we are in the traditionally hot spring sellers season, it feels hotter than anything I’ve experienced as a local sellers agent since 2003. Inventory should increase over the span of the year and this fall should be a much easier time to buy in the Portland real estate market. How many buyers will come through my home before it sells? Many homeowners are watching...

earthquake resistant house design concept

Portland Seismic Retrofit Guide: 2021 Earthquake Readiness

April 7, 2021

Our awareness of the threat of seismic activity in the Portland area increases every year, and with it concerns for both sellers and buyers. Recent studies show that at least one local fault is more active than previously thought. And this discovery increases the likelihood that other faults in the area may put Portland at risk for an earthquake sooner rather than later. But the good news is, with increased knowledge comes increased ability to confront the situation. For example, it seems that each year, better and more comprehensive maps help us understand where the most vulnerable spots are. And then there’s seismic retrofitting, a process that makes homes better equipped to handle an earthquake. Portland is once again ahead...

staging from the interior in the studio

Sell your Home with Virtual Staging

April 5, 2021

Given the pandemic, home buyers are increasingly turning to the internet to vet homes before seeing them in person. But while this trend may have intensified due to Covid-19, it didn’t start there. Why see a ton of homes in person when you can filter them by searching online? Prospective buyers, especially millennials, increasingly look toward online photos in their home search. In fact, according to inman.com, 44% of millennials surveyed indicated that they would buy a home solely based on its online photos. Virtual home staging presents a more affordable alternative to traditional home staging, focusing on drumming up online interest. Today we’ll take a look at how virtual home staging works, what it costs in Portland, and how...

portland neighborhood schools

The 5 Highest Rated K-8 Schools in Portland in 2021

April 2, 2021

As we’ve noted before, school rankings and performance have a tangible impact on real estate prices. Areas with high-performing schools will see more demand and therefore higher price tags. This is even more true today, in the age of the internet. More school information than ever is available at your fingertips. While what makes a good school is very subjective (data points won’t describe the dedication of a teaching staff, for example), having this information is a great way to get a feel for where to find great schools. Under the Fair Housing Act, Realtors can’t “steer” you towards a certain school district. These regulations are meant to prevent discrimination; real estate agents shouldn’t be pushing a client towards a...

buyers agent real estate commission rates

Portland Real Estate Buyers Agent Commission Rates 2021

March 31, 2021

Real Estate Commission is not typically split 50/50 between the sellers and buyers agent. Many sellers assume that real estate commission, whether they are paying their real estate agent 6%, 5%, 4%, or something else, is simply split 50/50 with the buyers agent. This would be a false assumption. All real estate commissions and negotiable and there are no set standards. What we can do is report on what sellers agents are offering buyers agents in a local real estate market. Buyers agent commission is typically advertised in local MLS systems by sellers agents. In the Portland, Oregon real estate market, RMLS is the system used by most sellers agents, and all the listings in RMLS have some rate of...

portland neighborhood map

Top 5 Portland Maps for Sustainability and Livability in 2021

March 29, 2021

It’s not exactly a secret that Portland has been on the forefront of urban movements, now popularized, for decades. This city values the environment alongside its citizens’ enjoyment of it. From biking to hiking, from walking the neighborhood to getting out of town, Portland wants its people out there. (And its environment protected all the while.) Unsurprisingly, Portland maps show up to the challenge! In honor of this, today we’ll look at the top 5 Portland maps that showcase our city’s dedication to livability and sustainability. What Makes Portland a Livable City? The question of livability is no doubt debatable and subjective. But for our purposes here, we’re looking at a few key factors. First, mobility. How easy is it...

Drone aerial view of downtown Portland showing the World Trade Center Portland from Waterfront Park in early morning sun

Portland Real Estate Market: April 2021 Report

March 26, 2021

Back in January, we predicted that March of 2021 would be possibly the best month during which to sell a home. And certainly, if nothing else, we hit a new peak seller’s market. This peak will likely last through April and run into May (though it may start slowing down in May as inventory typically rises every year each May). For the month of April we can expect the Portland real estate market to continue to be a lopsided seller’s market for houses (less so for condos, but that could be changing). Buyer traffic has been up, days on the real estate market continue to go down as demand outstrips supply, and home values continue to increase. Overall, then, March...

Real estate concept. Houses on schema diagram. Person search, compare and select proper rent apartment in laptop.

Top 5 Sites to Help you Choose a Real Estate Agent in 2021

March 24, 2021

In many ways the internet is like the Wild Wild West. A land of opportunity, but one that’s so unregulated it’s hard to know which way is up. You can glean a ton from online reviews of real estate agents, but a lot can be misleading too. Fake reviews still run rampant in 2021, meaning you either have to sift through the slush pile and judge for yourself or find a trusted real estate agent review site. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, which will steer you towards the most reliable resources while providing some insider insight into how different review sites operate. Spoiler alert: a lot of them are dubious. But there are sources of information that can...