Sellers Agent Commission Rates

Sellers agent commission rates are a hot topic in the real estate market and an important subject for my clients. Since the beginning of my real estate career in 2003, I’ve been upfront and clear about our seller commission rates.

In the greater Portland metro and in SW Washington we charge a max of 4% to sell a home.

In Salem and Bend metro areas our team charges a max of 4.25% to sell.

Both rates include the buyers agent commission. We’ve worked hard to show that the sellers agent commission we earn consistently sells our clients homes faster and for more.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the next twelve months, we would love to tour your home. Call today to set an appointment.

Stephen FitzMaurice, Realtor
4% Max. to Sell a Home
Cancel Anytime Policy
Licensed Since 2003

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Average U.S. Real Estate Commission Rates into 2023

September 16, 2022

Thinking of selling your home? Then you’re probably interested in real estate commissions. How much are they and what do you get in return? Will you be able to sell your home for more? Do you need the real estate agent’s advice and representation? Real Estate Commission Changes from the 90s to Today There are a lot of different ways to look at real estate commissions. One would be the overall decade trends from an average hovering around 6% in the 90’s to 5% in the 2000’s and 2010’s, and now just starting to dip below 5% in 2020 and after. Note that a 1% drop from 6% is roughly a 17% decrease. But in the meanwhile, home prices have...

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Average Real Estate Agent Commissions Drop Under 5% in 2021

July 28, 2021

Thinking of selling your home? The average real estate commission in the U.S. in 2021 is just under 5%. Most of the time this commission includes both the seller’s and buyer’s agent costs combined and paid by the homeowner. All real estate commissions in the U.S. are fully negotiable. Valid real estate commission information is hard to come by. There is only one legitimate research firm that reports on commission rates across the country, Real Trends. Also Realogy, the largest corporate group of various Realty brands in the U.S., occasionally publishes nationwide real estate commission reports. Other articles you will find online about real estate commission rates are conducted by biased real estate websites conducting their own surveys, but they...

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Real Estate Commission Report – 2020 National Average

July 17, 2020

Real estate commission data is hard to come by. One of my goals as a real estate agent in Portland is to educate the public and provide transparency within the real estate industry on a number of topics – including commissions. Most of the information you can find online is dated or summary in nature, many without proper references. Realogy Brokerage Group has, “As of December 31, 2019, approximately 710 company owned brokerage offices and approximately 52,200 independent sales agents working with these company owned offices.” They report that their average commission per side was 2.41%, which would equal a 4.82% commission rate for the seller (since the seller typically pays both sides of the commission and the buyer does...

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Average Commission Rate for Real Estate Agents – 2019

March 18, 2019

National Average Realtor Commission 2019 1992 = 6.04% 2005 = 5.02% 2011 = 5.3% 2013 = 5.38% 2014 = 5.18% 2015 = 5.26% 2017 = 5.12% 2018 = 5.08% Above numbers are from Real Trends, a real estate news and research company based in Colorado. The More Real Estate Agents There Are – the Lower the Rates In their latest report, Real Trends does a fantastic job charting out the forces that affect real estate commission rates, the most striking being the number of Realtors. (Read our report on how many real estate agents there are right now.) Right now the number of Realtors is at an all-time high, so therefore we see reduced commission rates, at least from 5...

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Average Commission Rate for Real Estate Agents – 2018 Update

March 12, 2018

National Average Realtor Commission 2018 1992 = 6.04% 2005 = 5.02% 2011 = 5.3% 2013 = 5.38% 2014 = 5.18% 2015 = 5.26% 2017 = 5.12% *Above numbers are from Real Trends. Commission rate averages are hard to come by. Real Trends, a real estate industry publishing and consulting firm, is one of the only available sources of information. Steve Murray, president of Real Trends, Inc wrote in fall of 2017 that, “the average commission rate has dropped about 20 basis points in the last five years (5.32 to 5.12).” Portland Real Estate Market Commission All real estate commission is negotiable and there is no set standard. Local commission rates in Portland are not published, but it doesn’t take long...

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Average Commission Rate for REALTORS? 2017 Update

March 10, 2017

The national average real estate agent commission rates according to RealTrends are: 1992 = 6.04% 2005 = 5.02% 2011 = 5.3% 2013 = 5.38% 2014 = 5.18% 2015 = 5.26% 2016 = Final numbers not revealed yet, analysts predict it will drop from 5.26% but remain higher than 5%.* * From a Washington post article, “based on preliminary data, it’s likely to decline… when the final numbers are tallied for 2016.” The above information on yearly commission averages comes direct from Real Trends, a real estate industry publishing and consulting firm that obtains transaction data from surveying real estate brokerages. Portland Commission Averages The local rates Realtors in Portland charge their clients to list a home are not published. All...

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Average Commission Rate for a REALTOR® in Portland?

November 18, 2015

National average for commission rates: 1992 = 6.04% 2005 = 5.02% 2011 = 5.3% 2013 = 5.38% 2014 = 5.18% Information derived from Real Trends, an industry publishing and consulting firm. They obtain their data from conducting surveys with brokerage companies. Commission Trends According to the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics Jan. 2014 report, commission rates tend to increase during a down housing market and decrease during a housing market boom. You can see this reflected in the above real estate commission rate chart. My commission plan is far better than the national average. You can see my reasonable commission breakdown for sellers here. Get reduced rates and increased marketing for your Portland home with a top 5% agent...