Wilsonville, OR Real Estate Market Report with 2025 Forecast

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Every month we feature a Portland, Oregon suburb and share our analysis of its real estate market. To learn about the other suburbs we have covered, visit our Portland Suburb Real Estate Market Reports. And for insight on the Portland metro area housing market as a whole, check out current monthly report and our 2024 Portland real estate forecast.

This month we turn our attention to the suburb of Wilsonville, located 17 miles south of downtown Portland along the Willamette River. Wilsonville resides mostly within Clackamas County with a northern portion overlapping Washington County. From its northern location, this suburb acts as a gateway to the nurseries, vineyards, and farmland of the Willamette Valley. With plenty of things to do along the way, Wilsonville offers a retreat from big city life while still offering convenient access via I-5 to all that Portland has to offer. The city has a total of 27 nature parks for outdoor recreation, two of which include water features. Wilsonville is also a Willamette River Water Trail partner, offering plentiful river access within its borders. In addition, the suburb is home to the region’s only indoor/outdoor amusement center, Bullwinkles Entertainment. Aside from these great attractions, Wilsonville offers its residents benefits such as lower property tax rates and job opportunities with innovative tech companies. Finally, the Wilsonville campus of The Oregon Institute of Technology offers higher education as Oregon’s only polytechnic university.

Like many Oregon cities, Wilsonville is home to a number of local breweries, including Vanguard Brewing, Ram Brewing, and the historic McMenamins Old Church Pub. There are also a handful of wineries located here, such as Carabella Vineyard. A sample of the wide variety of restaurants Wilsonville has to offer includes Oswego Grill, Boones Junction, and Dar Essalam among many more.

Below we will explore the metrics that play a role in the state of Wilsonville’s housing market.

Wilsonville Housing Inventory is Starting to Increase

After reaching its highest level in the last several years, the inventory of listed homes in Wilsonville has remained relatively unchanged since August of last year, but in March numbers began to climb again. We expect the inventory of listed homes to increase over the summer in the Portland metro area, and this has been the case in Wilsonville over the last several years (with the exception of 2022) as you can see on the chart below. As Spring progresses and more sellers begin to list their homes on the market, the inventory of available homes in Wilsonville should continue to increase.

Wilsonville, Oregon Inventory Chart. Courtesy of Fidelity National Title

Wilsonville Real Estate Prices are Steady

In Wilsonville, home prices have remained relatively unchanged since August of 2023, fluctuating slightly within the range of $300 to $325 per square foot. Over the last several years Wilsonville home prices have undergone modest price increases during the Spring season, as you can see can see illustrated on the chart from Fidelity below. The annual increase in active home buyers each Spring in the Portland area will bring competition for available homes – and at least a slight increase in prices in Wilsonville over the next couple of months.

The Portland metro area experienced an overall decrease in home prices last year, with exceptions. Wilsonville is one of those exceptions, with an average 1.7% price increase over the previous 12 months. With its track record of price stability and the tendency for prices to increase each Spring in the metro area, we should see a rise in Wilsonville home prices in the near future.

Wilsonville, Oregon Price per Sq. Ft Chart. Courtesy of Fidelity National Title

Wilsonville Average Days on the Market

The length of days for homes in Wilsonville to stay on the market has begun to decrease slightly after a long period of gradual increase since June. Listed homes in this suburb are now sitting on the market for an average of 61 days. As you can see on the chart below, market times for Wilsonville homes tend to shorten in the Spring when buyers are typically more active. The trend of decreasing time on the market for listed homes in Wilsonville should continue for the next couple of months as conditions in our local housing market continue to favor sellers.

Wilsonville, Oregon Average Days on Market Chart. Courtesy of Fidelity National Title

Wilsonville, Oregon Homes for Sale

Browse all Wilsonville homes for sale using the interactive map on Portlandhomesforsale.com.

Wilsonville, Oregon 2025 Real Estate Forecast

Wilsonville’s increasing home inventory demonstrates that sellers are actively listing homes, while the decrease in market time tells us that homes are selling. At the same time, stable home prices reveal that there is currently not yet enough market competition to drive up prices. We should see the continued growth of available home inventory combined with increasing prices in Wilsonville through the month of May as more buyers enter the market.

As we mentioned earlier, homes in Wilsonville fared better in last year’s cooler housing market than much of the metro area, increasing in price by an average of 2.7% from mid-2022 to mid-2023. With slightly lower mortgage rates and signs of growth, We expect to see the Wilsonville housing market perform consistently or better in 2024. Prices will likely begin to rise as Spring progresses and reach their peak toward the end of the season.

For a longer-term outlook we expect Wilsonville to perform very well through 2025 for a number of reasons. First, it has already proven to be a stable suburb with grow, despite some other areas within the same metro. Secondly, we expect interest rates to drop in 2024, while the area continues to grow in population and the general housing shortage remains.

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