Portland Real Estate Market Monthly Reports

Stephen FitzMaurice, Realtor licensed since 2003 writes monthly reports on the greater Portland real estate market, including forecasts and major events. This is the collection of the 2022 monthly Portland real estate market reports.

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Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, December 2023 Report

November 24, 2023

The Portland housing market is continuing to cool down with the winter season and prices are at their lowest point for the year. Buyer traffic is steadily dropping while detached home inventory remains high, negatively impacting the number of sales. These cooler market conditions will work to the advantage of motivated homebuyers before inventory drops further in December. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers and statistics that are shaping current market conditions. Portland Home Buyer Traffic Continues to Drop Buyer traffic has continued to decrease throughout the fall season following the regular pattern of our local real estate market, which experiences a cooling period as Fall approaches followed by slower activity for the remainder of the year. As...

Tualatin, Oregon Real Estate Market Report with 2024 Forecast

October 27, 2023

Every month we provide an analysis of real estate conditions in one of Portland’s desirable suburbs to provide helpful insight for your buying and selling decisions. To learn more about our local housing market and discover the other suburbs we have covered, check out our Portland Suburb Real Estate Market Reports. If you’re interested in the greater Portland metro 2024 forecast, go here. In this article we are featuring the suburb of Tualatin, located 12 miles south of Portland’s city center on I-5. Contained mostly within Washington County (with a small portion in neighboring Clackamas County), Tualatin offers a myriad of recreational opportunities for its residents to enjoy. With over 200 acres of parks, trails, and natural areas, there are...

Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, November 2023 Report

October 20, 2023

The Portland housing market is currently marked by inventory saturation, reduced buyer traffic and diminishing sales. These conditions are working in favor of buyers by providing greater choice and more competitive pricing. With a likely drop in inventory over the next several weeks, these ideal conditions may not last long, though the market should continue to favor buyers over the next couple of months. Let’s explore the figures and statistics contributing to the current state of the Portland real estate market. Portland Home Buyer Traffic is Decreasing After picking up slightly at the beginning of September, buyer traffic has been slowly decreasing (as we predicted last month). Due to the dependable seasonal cycles of our local real estate market, we...

Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, October 2023 Report

September 22, 2023

The market has turned to favor buyers as housing inventory increases while the number of pending sales continues to decrease. The corresponding decrease in prices resulting from high supply and a lack of demand are creating ideal buying conditions that will benefit buyers until inventory begins to drop again (likely) in October. Let’s take a look at the numbers that are shaping our current real estate market conditions. Portland Home Buyer Traffic Remains Lukewarm As you can see illustrated on the RMLS buyer traffic report, buyer traffic has picked up slightly in September after a period of decline through the month of August. Levels of traffic continue to remain in the lukewarm range as they have since March with little...

Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, September 2023 Report

August 18, 2023

Decreasing buyer activity and increasing inventory is leading to price drops, signaling the beginning of the end of the seasonal spring and summer seller’s market. Both trends will likely continue – leading to the favorable buying conditions of more available homes and less competition – throughout September, until inventory typically starts to drop again in October (often a short second second wind in the market before the major holidays hit). Let’s get into the current Portland real estate market numbers. Portland Home Buyer Traffic is Lukewarm As you can see from these the weekly RMLS buyer traffic report above, buyer activity has remained somewhat steady (but lukewarm) this summer and is likely to drop further as summer ends. We created the...

Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, August 2023 Report

July 24, 2023

June’s balanced market led to growing inventory and a decline in buyer activity in July, creating the conditions that will lead to a buyer’s market as soon as mid-August, but likely in September. A relatively reasonable rate of housing inventory and a decent amount of buyers means sellers can still enjoy the last lingering effects of the spring market – which is reliably the most active selling season of the year. We expect inventory to continue climbing in August and September as the number of active buyers continues to decrease, shifting the market to favor home buyers as fall approaches. Portland Home Buyer Traffic is Down from Spring, but Steady this Summer In the two buyer traffic reports generated by...

Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, July 2023 Report

June 16, 2023

After the seasonal selling peak in May, inventory continues to increase in June, leading to an increase of days on the market. We are currently experiencing a more balanced market, with slowing buyer activity, rising (but still low) inventory – conditions that can still benefit buyers and sellers. Looking ahead to July, we expect a continued increase in inventory, perhaps a relatively stable buyer’s pool, and a turn toward a buyer’s market before we hit late summer or perhaps by this fall. Buyer Traffic has Declined from a May Peak RMLS generates the buyer traffic reports shown above, which provide a snapshot of buyer demand from one week to the next. Here you see reports for two weeks in May where...

Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, June 2023 Report

May 26, 2023

The spring housing market likely hit its final peak in May as buyer traffic grew and inventory remained low. June will likely be a slightly slower month than May as inventory starts to climb. So far this year is staying within normal season cycles where the spring is the best time to sell and the fall is the best time to buy. June will still be a good month to sell, just not as strong for sellers as May. Housing Inventory is Low while Buyer Traffic is High Traffic from our last report was hovering in the 19,000 a week range, and has since increased to the 20,000 range in May. Buyer Traffic has Warmed up Above are weekly buyer...

Portland Real Estate Market, May 2023 Report

April 14, 2023

While spring warms the earth around us and nature responds with new growth, the housing market is also warming up with activity. Buyers and sellers are more motivated, and inventory is currently increasing as selling conditions become more desirable with a steady stream of new homebuyers entering the market. Housing Inventory and Buyer Traffic is Rising As expected, inventory is currently increasing as the market warms up to receive the influx of new buyers typically motivated by the advent of Spring. Right now we’re seeing a relatively low supply of homes compared to buyer demand resulting in slightly increased prices, and the current levels of each suggest that rising prices will continue for a short while at least (until inventory...

Portland Real Estate Market, April 2023 Report

March 24, 2023

As we move into April 2023 after a period of market stabilization, we can anticipate that the Portland housing market will start to warm up as more new homes are listed and buyers become more active. Inventory has been declining since the start of the year and home sales have been rising to meet the supply, and with the market reinvigoration that comes with Spring, we can reasonably expect sales to continue in an upward trajectory. Portland Inventory Has Likely Bottomed-Out and Will Rise in April We are currently positioned on the brink of a wave of new home listings typical of the Spring housing market, so inventory should start climbing as well. But despite an increase in inventory, if...