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how many realtors

How Many Realtors Are There?

November 27, 2023

Updated 11/2023. There are a lot of Realtors in the U.S. and in the greater Portland, Oregon real estate market where my team is headquartered. Over time, the big story in Realtor numbers was a drop that lingered for years after the real estate crash that started in 2008, then a sharp increase in the number of Realtors every year since 2013 to today (about ten years of significant increases). After 2020, Realtor counts had their biggest ever increases in 2021 and 2022, while the market was red hot. Now as the real estate market is cooling down and prices are dropping, there is a chance the trend of ever-increasing count of Realtors will stop. Number of Realtors in the...

sellers real estate agent specialist

Real Estate Agent vs. Sellers Agent Specialist: What’s the difference?

March 8, 2023

Portland’s real estate landscape is vast! There’s a specialist for nearly every activity — and that’s a good thing. To have a hassle-free real estate transaction, you need someone handling the mortgage, someone looking at the title, someone inspecting the home, etc. That’s why a system has developed over the decades in which, in a given home sale transaction, there’s usually one real estate agent for the seller and one for the buyer. Now some real estate agents will take that a step further and exclusively represent sellers or exclusively represent buyers as a career specialization choice to serve their clients in the most effective manner. Top 3 Advantages of a Sellers Agent Specialist 1. Improved Customer Service When I...

top real estate agent portland

Top 5% Agent in the United States – Explained

January 5, 2023

I am in the Top 5% of all Real Estate Agents in the United States, according to residential sales volume nationwide. Licensed since 2003, my team has sold over 900 million in real estate. We have sold over 2,000 homes (counting buyer side transactions as well) in Oregon and SW Washington. We sell homes faster and for more. Our team has sold over 1,000 homes in less than 30 days on market and over 500 homes in their first weekend on market. I’ve been in the top 1% of all Portland metro real estate agents for a number of years. I am your Portland real estate agent, residential home sales expert. I hope to be able to put our experience...

showing agent in real estate

What is a Showing Agent in Real Estate?

January 2, 2023

It is pretty easy to tell the difference between a seller’s agent and a buyer’s agent in real estate, but what about a showing agent? Before I answer that question, I want you to know that in Oregon there is only one license, Broker, with two levels, Broker and Principal Broker. Real estate agent is not a licensed term, but is simply common vernacular. Realtor is an association term, it simply means that the licensed real estate Broker is a member of the National Association of Realtors and abides by their code of ethics. Confused? Check out our article, Realtor, Agent, Broker – What’s the Difference? Now a buyer’s agent is common vernacular for a real estate agent who focuses...

exclusive buyers agent agreement

What is an Exclusive Buyers Agent Agreement and Should I Sign One?

December 30, 2022

Exclusive buyers agent agreements are highly debated among professional Realtors. Some real estate agents would never work with a home buyer unless they sign one, and other buyer’s agents have never used an exclusive buyer’s agent agreement and would never use one. What is an Exclusive Buyers Agent Agreement? The answer to this question is fairly simple, but the contract you sign might be more complicated. Be sure to read any real estate agreement in full before signing and we already recommend consulting a lawyer for legal advice. A simple exclusive buyers agent contract is an agreement between a home buyer and their Realtor that for a set period of time they will not buy any real estate of a...

real estate agents income

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make? 2023 Report

December 23, 2022

It is no secret. The National Association of Realtors, NAR, puts out an annual report explaining how much Realtors earn each year, how much money they make. The big story for Realtor’s income is that is hasn’t increased much from 2013 to today, certainly decreased overall when compared with inflation over the same time period. While Realtor income bumped up in 2021, it is expected to fall once reporting comes out in 2022-2023 due to the cooling real estate market we find ourselves in now, a market that is currently defined by a huge decrease in home sale transactions for the entire industry. The report is for Realtors, but not all real estate agents are Realtors (most are). To find...

exp realty sizes and sales in 2023

EXP Realty Size and Sales Numbers into 2023

October 7, 2022

Strong Focus. EXP Realty is an international real estate company with a focus on innovation, integrity, community, and agility, as well as collaboration, transparency, sustainability, and service. EXP also believes in not taking ourselves too seriously—read: having fun. Not surprisingly, these tenets have drawn some of the world’s top-selling buying agents to join the EXP ranks. Modern Platform. This cloud-based brokerage also believes that brokers and agents do the bulk of the work in the real estate world and should receive the benefits of owning shares in the company and earning income based on their degree of effort and success. Cloud-based doesn’t mean there are not any physical EXP Realty offices (I own one and use a few), but that...

join exp realty

Why Every Agent Should Join EXP Realty in 2023

September 26, 2022

Whether you’re learning how to get your real estate license for the first time, or have been selling homes for many years now, you’ve likely heard of EXP Realty, one of the fastest growing Realty companies in the world (and of all time). There are 319 Realty companies to choose from in Oregon, about 1 for every 53 licensed agents. In the U.S. as a whole, there is one Realty company for every 14 licensed agents. Personally, I’ve been licensed since 2003 and have been a part of a small handful of different local Realty companies. I’d like to share with you briefly why I think EXP Realty is your best choice (whether you’re an individual agent or run a...

real estate agent review sites

Real Estate Agent Reviews Guide 2023

August 26, 2022

Finding the best real estate agent for your needs can be a challenge when there are so many to choose from! Whether you want to sell your home or buy a home, there’s no doubt that you have to sort through a lot of information to get the most expert help possible. Of course, there are plenty of sites that provide agent reviews, but how do you know which ones to trust? Is anyone moderating them, or can just anyone post a positive or negative review whether they’ve worked with an agent or not? And did you know that searching for Realtor reviews can sometimes cost you money? Keep reading to learn more about which sites provide the best real...

selling a home for the first time

Selling a Home for the First Time? 5 Things Your Agent May Not Tell You

August 12, 2022

Real estate agents want your business and they especially want a new listing. While most agents are trained and licensed to put your interests first, it is also important to learn the essentials and advocate for yourself. We will help you understand the basic costs of selling a home (beyond commissions), the best time of the year to sell a home, what statistically makes a home sell, the basics on Realtor commission, and some basic rules of thumb when negotiating with a home buyer during your home sale. In our opinion, five things to know about home selling that the real estate agent you’re talking with may not tell you. 1. The cost to sell a home (beyond commissions). The...