How Many Realtors Are There?

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Updated 11/2023.

There are a lot of Realtors in the U.S. and in the greater Portland, Oregon real estate market where my team is headquartered. Over time, the big story in Realtor numbers was a drop that lingered for years after the real estate crash that started in 2008, then a sharp increase in the number of Realtors every year since 2013 to today (about ten years of significant increases). After 2020, Realtor counts had their biggest ever increases in 2021 and 2022, while the market was red hot. Now as the real estate market is cooling down and prices are dropping, there is a chance the trend of ever-increasing count of Realtors will stop.

Number of Realtors in the U.S.YearNumber going up or down
1.35 Million2006
1.33 Million2007down
1.19 Million2008down
1.11 Million2009down
1.06 Million2010down
1.00 Million2011down
.99 Million2012down
1.04 Million2013up
1.09 Million2014up
1.16 Million2015up
1.23 Million2016up
1.30 Million2017up
1.35 Million2018up
1.39 Million2019up
1.40 Million2020up
1.48 Million2021up (biggest ever increase)
1.56 Million2022up (biggest ever increase)
1.57 Million 2023up slightly
1.55 Million2024 (forecast)down?

Number of Oregon Realtors

NAR also keeps tabs on the number of Realtors per state. The Oregon Association of Realtors governs all Realtors within the state and has reported general numbers of their membership roster in years prior. Now NAR is providing exact member role counts within local and state Realtor associations, giving exact membership numbers.

Number of Oregon RealtorsUp or Down?Year
18,313down2023 current

Number of Portland, Oregon Realtors

Two main official Realtor association groups cover the greater Portland, Oregon metro area. The first and largest is called PMAR or Portland Metro Association of Realtors. The second is called EMAR or East Metro Association of Realtors. These two association numbers have also increased over the last few years with the total number of Portland Realtors going from perhaps 8000 to 10,000 based on estimates from their respective websites.

Number of Portland, Oregon RealtorsChangeChangeTotalYear
PMAR 7,800EMAR unknown2017
PMAR 8,184 (found in a report)upEMAR 1,115unknown9,2292022
PMAR “Over 8,000”unknownEMAR 1,150Increase9,150+2023

Portland Realtors Account for About Half the Realtors in Oregon

This is significant as our local MLS, RMLS, does not cover the entire state. There are two other major MLS systems in Oregon Realtors use in order to search for homes for their clients. The MLS also gives showing instructions and shows the Realtors what their commission might be if they bring a buyer (only Oregon licensed Realtors can earn a commission on a sale). So it is important when selling a home in the greater Portland metro (or in my opinion, anywhere in Oregon) that it is listed in all three major Oregon MLS systems.

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Number of eXp Realty AgentsYearNumber going up or down

Top Portland, Oregon Realtors

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