Homes with a Bedroom Suite Sell Faster and for More per Sq. Ft. than Those Without. Annual Report

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Waking up and strolling over to a bathroom without entering an open hallway or main living area in your home is a big deal. A bathroom directly connected to a bedroom, an en suite, French for following or after, is a desired convenience that causes homes to sell for more, a lot more. Perhaps you’re considering adding a suite to your home to increase home value or you’re contemplating the future resale value of a home you want to buy. Either way, let’s find out exactly how more homes with bathroom suites sell for than those that do not have them.

Research Criteria

To figure this out I’m looking at a select number of homes that fit within what I’d consider to be a full size home in Portland, Oregon.

The homes I’m using to compile this report have at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms on a lot size of 10,000 sq. ft. (.22 acre) or less. They also do not exceed 3,000 sq. ft. in size. This criteria helps cut out extreme examples.

In Portland, Oregon in the first six month of 2022, 933 homes sold that match the above filtered criteria. 612 of the sold homes did not have a bedroom suite and 321 of the sold homes did. In Portland, Oregon in all of 2023, 498 homes matched the criteria. See the below results.

We are reporting on the difference between similar types of homes only one has a primary (used to be called master) bedroom with an attached bathroom suite, and the other does not.


Portland, Oregon Sold Homes# ofTime on MarketDifferenceSold Price Per Sq. Ft.Difference
2022 – Matched the Criteria933
2022- No Bathroom Suite61220 Days to Sell$322
2022 – Bathroom Suite32115 Days to Sell25% Faster$339 5% More
2023 – Matched the Criteria498
2023 – No Bathroom Suite22148 Days to Sell$290
2023 – Bathroom Suite27729 Days to Sell40% Faster$32411% More

Quick History of Bedrooms with en Suite Bathrooms

The popular construction of homes with owner’s suites began in the 1980’s, though typically the attached bathrooms were small. The size of the bathroom suites increased dramatically in the 90’s and hasn’t stopped increasing in size in modern times. The ratio of bathrooms to bedrooms has also increased over time with many new construction homes in the last decade having more bathrooms then bedrooms. (Think of a three bedroom home with a suite, hall bath, guest bath (already up to three), and perhaps additional spare downstairs or family room bathroom.)

Will Adding an en Suite Bath Increase My Home Value?

Certainly according to the report above it will increase your home value.

Let’s say for example your current home is 2,500 sq. ft. without a suite. According to the 2022 report above it would sell for $805,000, but if it has a suite, it would sell faster and for $847,000, an increase of $42,000.

According to the 2023 different in home value, it would sell faster and for $893,550 – an increase of $83,550. Now, your home won’t sell for a hundreds of thousands more on average, so the remodel has to stay within a reasonable budget.

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