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Kami Price, Principal Broker is our lead buyer's agent and a top 1% buyer's agent in the Portland metro area. Kami has been licensed since 2004 and has helped hundreds of local home buyers find their next property. She has a long list of awards and additional education certificates.

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When should I contact a Portland Real Estate Agent?

You’re thinking about relocating to Portland and are planning a trip here in the next few months. Or maybe you already live in Portland and you’re ready to buy your first home, or move up or down to a home more your size. Have you saved searches on Zillow, cruised Craigslist, or been to an […]

Buying a Portland Investment Property

Everyone wants to live in Portland. We’re seeing an extended period of low inventory of homes for sale right now, and the city also has one of the tightest rental markets in the country, with a 3.4% vacancy rate. This is a metro wide vacancy rate, but many suspect in the hottest neighborhoods in close-in […]

Should you Buy a Portland Home Together?

Although it’s been legal for same-sex couples to marry in Portland — and all over Oregon — since 2014, more of those unions are actually happening now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled it legal throughout the country. So now that everyone’s tying the knot, adopting a dog, and settling down, does that mean […]

Three Steps to a Stress-Free Portland Home Purchase

Buying a home is a major event in anyone’s life, whether it’s the starter home for a new couple, a second home or a condo to retire in. So it should be fun and exciting the whole way, right? If only. As a real estate agent here in Portland for the past 12 years, I’ve […]

Affordability – 2015 Portland Housing Market

Is Portland an affordable place to buy a home? It’s a complicated question and how you answer it depends on what’s important to you. Luckily, we can count on the RMLS to break it down for us in simple numbers. It’s called the Affordability Index, calculated by our friends at the National Association of REALTORS®. […]

Electronic Signatures and Portland Real Estate Transactions

Welcome to Portland, and to the 21st century of real estate, where you can take a virtual tour of a home via drone, use a smartphone app to check out prices of neighboring homes on-the-spot, and, as you head into the buying process, a series of electronic signatures makes the paperwork a breeze. Electronic signatures […]

Portland Buyer’s Team versus Buyer’s Agent – Which is Better?

Looking to find that next Portland home? There are thousands of real estate agents to choose from. Out of those thousands, you’ll find a few individual agents that specialize in helping buyers and even a few teams that specialize in helping buyers. Why choose a team over an individual? In Portland the market is hot […]

Portland Seller Home Disclosures – Watch out!

It’s the plot of a thousand movies. A young couple moves in to their brand-new home, only to find that a death occurred there years ago and there’s a ghost who lives in the upstairs bedroom. Other than the poltergeist, how realistic is this scenarios? Aren’t real estate agents required to disclose the history of […]

Down Payment Savings Solution for Home Buyers

Let’s face it: Buying a home in Portland in the current housing market is an investment hurdle that can be discouraging. Even though the rent vs. buy debate increasingly swings to “buy”, how’s a young couple – or anyone, for that matter – to save up for a down payment? Enter the IDA, or Individual […]

Google Moving into Portland Real Estate Downtown

When Google opens up its new office in Portland, Roman columns and carved bronze will suddenly become high-tech. The U.S. National Bank Building, an architectural landmark downtown, has been leased to the search engine giant. While certain subsidiaries of Google have been in the city for the past five years, this Google outpost will be […]

Why Do Portland Short Sales Take So Long?

Does anyone enjoy filling out mountains of paperwork? That’s exactly what Portland real estate agents — those who specialize in short sales, anyway — get ourselves into when we represent either the buyer or the seller in a short sale transaction. Not only do the banks require enough paperwork to fill a swimming pool, the […]

Rents Skyrocketing; Time to Buy a Home in Portland

Wondering whether it makes more sense financially to rent or buy a home in Portland? The answer depends on a lot of things — how long you’d stay in in the home you bought, what the value is of the home you’d buy, and of course what you’re currently paying for rent. That number has […]

FHA Offers 3% Down-Payment Loans for First-Time Home Buyers

Starting next month, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — the lenders of the Federal Housing Authority — will offer home buyers mortgages with just a 3% down payment through its Home Possible Advantage loan program. On a $300,000 home, that means just $9,000 up front, plus closing costs. Is this a good idea for Portland […]

A Home Buyer’s Guide to Portland Schools

How do you pick a Portland neighborhood to live in? You might want proximity to work, family, or recreational opportunities, but if you’re a parent, chances are schools top the list. There are many ways to figure out which Portland schools are right for your kids. is a website that offers basic stats as […]

Find the Perfect Home in Portland

Portland, Oregon, is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. as of 2014. The city is also one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest area. With over 2 million people living in the Portland Metropolitan Area (which includes Portland itself and the surrounding suburbs) and more moving to the area on a […]

Wedding Crowdfunding for Portland Real Estate Downpayments!

Yes, wedding crowdfunding for a home down payment amount is a real thing. Times can be tough. How is a young couple to save for the down payment on their first home or piece of real estate? Well, if a wedding is in the works, crowdfunding could be an option. What is crowdfunding? You’ve heard […]

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