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When it comes to buying a new home, nothing beats having an experienced real estate agent on your side.

But your REALTOR® doesn’t fit in your pocket, which is why the mobile applications are very popular among home buyers. These apps are a good starting point, with location-based information on homes for sale plus photos, prices and other data pulled from the home’s MLS listing.

The big real estate apps don’t do everything, though, which is why we’ve compiled the following list of handy mobile applications to simplify the entire home buying process, from setting up the first home showing to settling into your new place. We’ve also included a couple of apps that Portland residents find useful for navigating the city. Best of all, they’re (mostly) free!

1. Google Calendar. This first one isn’t an actual app, but you can access Google’s Calendar feature through your smartphone browser. It’s a valuable tool for home buyers to synchronize their calendar with their spouse, kids, REALTOR®, and any other party involved in the home buying process. Now nobody has an excuse to miss a home showing or other appointment.

2. SignEasy. Real estate transactions can be heavy on the paperwork, especially when a mortgage is involved. This app allows you to sign forms digitally using your smartphone’s touchscreen. Open the form, sign it, send it back, complete your transaction faster.

3. When it comes time to move, Craigslist is the go-to spot for selling (or giving away) unwanted items, buying items for your new house, or finding someone to do a quick paint job before you move in. If you’re new to the Portland metro area, Craigslist can also help you get an on-the-ground look with community boards and job listings. There isn’t one official app, but several by independent developers that focus on different aspects of the site. The New York Times has a good review of Craigslist apps. Make sure to watch out for scams when using Craigslist.

4. Measures and Dimensions. Will your prized vanity fit in the bedroom? What were the dimensions on that window that needs repair? This app allows you to take a photo of an object or room, then edit it by adding dimensions and measurements. No more carrying around bits of paper with obscure numbers and drawings scribbled on them. Just save, print or share your photos, notes and dimensions using this app.

5. Mortgage Rate Calculators and Finder. When you’re wandering around your dream home, get a reality check by estimating your monthly mortgage payment. Zillow’s real estate apps include a mortgage calculator. You can also get an iPhone app that finds and compares mortgage rates from multiple lenders.

6. Portland Public Transit. Portland is famous for its efficient mass transit, but getting oriented takes time in any new city. Never miss the bus (or the Max) with this free app.

7. PDXPERT. Need to relax after all that Portland home shopping? This app helps you find sales and happy hours near you.

Mobile applications are convenient, but they’ll never take the place of a good buyer’s agent. Call your Portland Real Estate Agent with any real estate question, big or small.

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