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The Portland real estate market has been doing great lately. It’s a seller’s market – prices are up, inventory is down. But some Portland homeowners are still not joining the party, even though they’d love to sell. That’s because about 10% of them are underwater on their mortgages.

Going underwater on a mortgage, or owing more on the mortgage than the home is worth on the current market, is becoming less common, but it still happens. A recent Zillow report found that for the over 45,000 underwater homeowners in the Portland metro area, the rising tide that lifts all boats hasn’t yet lifted theirs.

Luckily, if you’re one of these 45,000, the improving market does mean that it’s a good time to do a short sale on your underwater home. The difference between what you owe and what the bank will take may now fall within a reasonable range. As a Certified Short Sale Agent and a Certified Foreclosure Agent, I have the expertise to get you out of your home and out of debt, without letting your home go to the bank.

Most real estate agents avoid working on short sale deals, or only do one or two a year (out of the handful of real estate transactions they complete in the average year). And, as we put the housing market crash behind us and the number of foreclosures and short sales decreases each year, the skills it takes to successfully complete these transactions are being lost among the general real estate agent population.

A Portland short sale is the best way to get out of your crushing mortgage and get your life back, but they are a totally different type of sale in terms of the knowledge and expertise it takes on the seller’s agent’s side. So when you’re ready to consider a short sale, you need a Portland real estate agent who’s an expert in this area, one who regularly closes on short sales and works with a negotiation team that has closed on thousands.

My training, certifications, and experience, have taught me how to complete these transactions smoothly and with a very high success rate.

Regardless of your home’s status, condition and history, often a short sale is the best way to get out of an underwater mortgage. Just don’t leave this delicate process to just any real estate agent.

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