Home Energy Score

My concern over the city of Portland 2018 home energy score ordinance led me to establish a new business in Oregon, OrderHomeEnergyScore.com LLC CCB.218360.

Portland Home Energy Score – Schedule Now – $135
Milwaukie Home Energy Score – Schedule Now – $135
Hillsboro Home Energy Score – Schedule Now – $135

We also offer reasonably priced 3D tours and floorplans. I did the research to find the easiest online scheduler I could find and tweaked it. You can order a score on OrderHomeEnergyScore.com in under 2 minutes (I tested it!).

A licensed Broker in Oregon since 2003, I’ve seen a lot of changes in the Portland real estate market, the highs and the lows. This is the first time the government has stepped in and said, before you sell your home you must do _______. Before the law anyone could put their home up for sale on Craigslist or anywhere, anytime they want, for-sale-by-owner. Before the law a licensed real estate agent could sign up with a client and advertise their home the very same day on the MLS and anywhere else. Now, anyone that sells a home (covered dwelling) within the city of Portland jurisdiction, must obtain a home energy score on their property before they advertise the home for sale, or face city fines. Home energy scores are not new to the United States, but this is the first time, I believe, obtaining a home energy score is a government requirement that homeowners must follow. In other words, it is not really an option.

Why Own a Home Energy Score Company?

My goal as a Principal Broker in Oregon, a top local real estate agent, is to provide my clients with the best possible experience in selling or buying their next home. Home energy scores are now part of that process, separate from what a licensed Broker in Oregon does, but required non-the-less.

When clients tell me they want to sell their home, I want to be able to provide a turn-key experience, even if it means owning two separate businesses to get the job done right.

Who Scores My Home?

Not me. I run OrderHomeEnergyScore.com but am quite busy selling homes. Our licensed home energy score assessor will come out to your home and provide the score. As the business owner, my job is to make sure the customer has a great experience. The home energy score assessor will score your home appropriately and independently, using the guidelines set by the City of Portland.

Have more Questions about the Score?

Please visit the City of Portland’s website. They have an abundance of information available on their site, including the full rules of the score. Our website OrderHomeEnergyScore.com also has additional information about the score including a home energy score blog with updates and tips on how to improve your score – yourself.

Does my home require a home energy score?

Go to PortlandMaps.com, put in your address, and look under jurisdiction. If Portland is listed as the city, you have to get a score before advertising your home for sale if your home is considered a covered dwelling. Basically, covered dwellings are all homes on their own lot, so townhomes, regular detached homes, duplexes, and more. High-rise condo units do not have to get a score. See the city of Portland’s administrative rules about the home energy score to get all the facts about potential energy score exemptions. There is also a sample home energy score available there.

Not Required? Why to Get a Score Anyway

If your home is for sale in the greater Portland metro area, Portland home buyers are going to get use to seeing home energy scores throughout the city proper. The buyers are going to get used to comparing one home against another based on the energy score. But wait – your home doesn’t have one! Since it is relatively easy to get a home energy score, and you are likely going to attract Portland home buyers, you might want to get a score even if it is not required (especially if you think your home will get a high score!).

I bet you have to provide some disclosures to your clients.

Sure do! Stephen FitzMaurice, licensed Principal Broker in state of Oregon with eXp Realty, owns a home energy score provider called OrderHomeEnergyScore.com, LLC, CCB No.218360. You are free to use OrderHomeEnergyScore.com, LLC to obtain a home energy score; however, you are not required to use OrderHomeEnergyScore.com, LLC to obtain your home energy score. Clients of Mr. FitzMaurice will not receive discounts from OrderHomeEnergyScore.com, LLC, CCB No. 218360. If you prefer to work with a home energy score company that is not associated with Mr. FitzMaurice, he will provide you a list of other home energy score service providers upon request. If you choose to use OrderHomeEnergyScore.com, LLC, CCB No. 218360, you do so voluntarily. This disclaimer was prepared by Buckley Law P.C.