How to pick a Portland Real Estate Agent.

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Since I work with Portland Real Estate Agents everyday on a number of transactions and hear all sorts of things from various people, I thought I’d write a post on choosing a real estate agent (even if you don’t choose myself, though I hope you’d consider it).

1. Customer Service. No matter how experienced and agent is, no matter how much education they have, no matter how good their marketing package is, if they don’t have a customer service focus, don’t pick them. Customer service means picking up the phone or at least calling back within the same day. Customer service means updating the client regularly as the transaction progresses. No Portland real estate agent is worth your time unless they focus on your needs. Truly, real estate is a customer service job, much more than it is a sales occupation. Check out the real estate agent’s reviews! They will give you an important clue.

2. Education. The real estate industry is constantly changing and it takes a lot of education and awareness to stay up to date with current laws, practices, and industry needs. Education is a primary focus for myself. Look for those Realtor designations and find out what they mean!

3. Experience. As many people have said, there is no substitute for experience. I’ve been a Realtor in Portland since 2003, and I can tell you my clients today are better off than my clients in 2003!

4. Marketing Ability. This applies to Portland sellers agents, not Portland buyers agents. If you are looking to sell your Portland home, an agent’s marketing ability is key. A real estate agent can have all three things above: great customer service, education, and experience, but they won’t sell your home in a tough market unless their real estate marketing package is truly amazing. I’ve spend a ton of time and money to ensure my listing marketing package is one of the best in Portland.

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I am so grateful for my choice in Stephen. Being able to have total confidence in him made the experience of selling my house stress free. He is friendly, focused, professional, and to the point. Best Realtor I have ever used, period.