Real Estate Teams vs. Solo Agents

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In my opinion, everything’s better when I’m on a team — whether I’m completing a project, playing sports, or working as a real estate agent.

Years back I never heard about a real estate agent seller’s team or buyer’s team. You typically had individual agents, top producers or otherwise, who would run their own business solo or perhaps with their spouse. The Realty firm would typically supply office space, insurance, branding, and then that solo agent would go out into the world representing both buyers and sellers. This is the way I started my real estate career as well.

Now real estate agent teams have a big presence in Realty firms across the country (my team is with eXp Realty). I’d like to share with you why I love real estate teams based on my own experience of being a solo agent and team leader.

My team’s advantage for Portland home buyers.

  • Total availability. The Portland real estate market has been moving fast for a number of years and especially so for a home buyer that wants a property in a desirable neighborhood. I remember when I was a solo agent and all my buyers wanted to see homes on the same two days: Sat. and Sun. and how hard it was to juggle those requests. Now my team is full of showing agents whose primary role is getting a buyer in the door whenever they want. Providing top-notch customer service at the height of the summer selling season is something I wouldn’t give up.
  • Expert negotiation. Not everyone is great at everything. Some people are great at providing that excellent customer service in matching a buyer with the home they want. Other people are great at negotiating. My lead buyer’s agent Kami Price is loaded with additional education and certifications that help her write offers that win. Licensed since 2004, Kami has the experience and education buyers need to make and negotiate a great offer.
  • Accountability. When buying a home, there are stacks of paperwork that must be completed, each with its own deadline. Our buyer’s team has their own full-time administrative professional to make sure there are no missing signatures or passed deadlines.

My team’s advantage for Portland home sellers.

  • Incredible marketing. We work with amazing professional photographers, videographers, 3D modelers, and we even have our own graphic designer on staff to give everything that final sparkling touch.
  • Incredible response times. Our average response time to online buyer leads inquiring about our listings is less than 3 minutes, 24/7. We have unique tech backed by live professionals who are standing by. Feel free to try it out, chat with a live person right now on our site. That quick response you get is the same we provide to buyers who are interested in our seller’s homes.
  • Accountability. Same as the buyer’s team above, our listing team has its own full-time administrative professional to make sure there are no missing signatures or passed deadlines.
  • Availability. Again, from personal experience I’ve been able to better focus on my client’s needs with a team, than without one. They free me up so I can focus on what I love most – advising and supporting my clients. When I was a solo agent having two or three of my listed homes sell (go pending) at the same time could create a whirlwind of activity for me. Now I believe I could handle all of my listings going pending at the same time, while still providing excellent customer service.

The team advantage for the real estate market.

I know that a lot of people think real estate agents will eventually be automated, a thing of the past – replaced by apps and robots. Having been licensed now for 14 years in Oregon, I think that would be a tremendous mistake. We are talking about most folk’s biggest investment. The bulk of the American population has stashed their greatest wealth in their own home. Negotiations between a buyer and a seller shouldn’t be left to a robot, there are millions of variables contractually in an offer contract and a repair addendum, and millions of variables in their different personal needs. People need people to negotiate between people. I know that sentence sounds sort of silly, but I think it is true. In my own experience, the advantage of a real estate agent team is that we are able to specialize and focus, one person for buyers and another for sellers. One for negotiations and another for marketing, and so on. In specialization, we can ensure that the need for expert real estate agent representation will continue. That’s my take on it.

I hope we can put our buyer’s team or seller’s team to work for you!

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