Real Estate Agent Reviews Guide – 2019 Update

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Find the best sites for Realtor Reviews

Frankly it is incredible how many places you can find real estate agent reviews online. But which sites should you trust? Does anyone verify that the reviews are from real clients? And it may surprise you to know that sometimes looking for Realtor reviews can cost you money! Read to the end for those important details.

1. Zillow’s Agent Finder

Zillow drives real estate agents crazy sometimes because it tends to have a lot of data errors for home buyers searching their site, while other major home buying search portals, like, tend to be more accurate. But when it comes to real estate agent reviews – I’m grateful for Zillow and we put most of our own reviews on there. Zillow verifies that the reviews given match the address and are from real clients, home buyers and sellers. They allow for a rating system that addresses a few different areas and require a comment to go along with the rating. Real estate agents can also respond if they wish to the review or challenge it with Zillow – only if they think it didn’t come from an actual client.

2. Oregon Association of Realtors License Lookup

Okay, so it is not an real estate agent review site. But you should check it out! What does the state of Oregon think about your Realtor of choice? Does your real estate agent of choice even have a valid license? Have they been fined or suspended? I’m sure you will agree, these are all important questions when considering which real estate agent to work with. Don’t delay, look up the agent you’re considering on their site. Tip, put in the real estate agent’s last name and select both Broker and Principal Broker (the two license types in Oregon). If you are looking in Washington, they have the same system up there for your review as well.

3. Google Real Estate Agent Reviews

You see them everywhere. Problem with Google business ratings is anyone around the world with a Gmail account can leave a review anywhere anytime. Doesn’t matter if they every met with or talked to that real estate agent, they can leave a review from one to five stars and they don’t even have to leave a comment. Often there is no name attached the the review, no way of knowing who it is.

4. Yelp Real Estate Agent Reviews

Same problem here. The only qualification necessary for someone to leave a review for a real estate agent is that they have an active Yelp account. Many of these accounts also don’t use real names. There is no requirement for the Yelper to have worked with the real estate agent in a transaction, to have ever met with or talked to that agent.

5. Warning. Do not click on these ads!

When someone searches for a good real estate agent online, a ton of ads will pop up. A few of those ads will be actual top real estate agents or Realty companies in town. Most will be “agent referral” ads that if you click them, they will cost you money in your next sale. Because what happens is, after you click on their ad, they send the agent a “referral” often to the tune of 25% or 30% of that agent’s entire commission earnings, for no other reason than you clicked that ad. Now if you had used to search for an agent, or just made sure to click on actual real estate agent’s site or ads and you reach the Realtor or Realty company direct, there is no added cost to your transaction.

We are thankful for the hundreds of clients that have chosen to leave us positive reviews.

Click here for our 300+ verified positive client reviews or check them out on Zillow. Thank you for your consideration and best of luck finding the right real estate agent for you!

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