Top 5 Front Door Colors to Sell your Home 2022

First impressions matter, so if you want to hook potential buyers with the ultimate curb appeal, consider refreshing your home’s front door color. It’s a small investment that can reap quicker sales and put thousands more in your pocket at closing, according to a recent study by Zillow. Our top 5 front door choices for 2022 combines the Zillow study, recent colors of the year awards, and research into popular exterior colors.

Keeping in mind factors like trends, style of home, and geographical location will go a long way in helping you choose the perfect color. Which of our following top five front door color picks will make people want to step inside your home and take a look around?

#5 – Go Vibrant

Bright, vibrant front doors that pop can be a real draw to potential buyers and passersby, even here in the Pacific Northwest where we love our earth tones. If you want to go this route and really make a statement, consider your home’s style and exterior. Colors like jade or this Benjamin Moore 2021 color of the year, Agean Teal, or even a dark, rich orange or red can pique interest and make a bold, inviting statement.

#4 – Go Natural

Before you dip that brush into a can of paint, think about maintaining the charm of your enchanting craftsman style or bungalow home with its unpainted, stained wood door. It could be that all you need to entice potential buyers to step inside is a new finish to rekindle the wood’s natural and earthy brown warmth.

#3 – Go Grey

Whether dark or light, a traditional grey front door exudes class with subtlety and a touch of mystery. It pairs well with a variety of finishes and colors and maintains a clean appearance over time, all of which make it a prime choice for Portland homeowners.

#2 – Go Moody

Maybe it’s a sign of the times. Experts are forecasting moody dark blues and purples juxtaposed with complementary exteriors. Not only can these colors add an understated pizzazz to your home’s appearance, but they can also elicit feelings of warm hospitality and comfort.

#1 – Go Light

The forecast for the top selling exterior color lands on the lighter end of the spectrum—specifically, whites, off-whites, and ivories—all of which can translate to a striking visual entrance to your home. Use it as an accent to create a focal point against contrasting siding or brick for a more dramatic effect, or go monochromatic all around for a harmonious, cohesive presentation.

Front Door Staging

Decided to repaint your front door? Elevate its new look by updating hardware and eliminating distractions in your entryway.

  • Hardware color. Match door handles and locks and choose contrasting colors that stand out from your door. Brushed brass, silver, or satin nickel can add elegance to a black or natural wood door; aluminum looks great on a red, blue, or green door. If you want to go the extra mile, match with your fixture finishes throughout the home.
  • Accessibility. A universal design appeals to many Portland home shoppers, so consider replacing your current latches and knobs with large, lever-style door handles. 
  • Lighting. If you’re selling your home during the darker fall and winter months in Portland, be sure your front porch light is functional and clean of cobwebs and debris. While you’re at it, why not upgrade to LED bulbs for attractive cost savings?
  • Clutter. Now that you’ve spent the time and money beautifying your front door, let it shine. One potted plant or a statue is plenty on a small front porch. If your home’s entrance space is limited, eliminate decor altogether. 

If you’re thinking of changing your door color to sell your home, you might be interested in our 2022 Portland real estate market forecast. And it’s always good to look before you leap (see what homes are for sale before putting your home on the market).

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September 20, 2021

Stephen FitzMaurice

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