What is an English Cottage Style Home in Portland?

english cottage home style

We’ve written before about the many architectural styles you’ll find in Portland, and in this article, we’re adding another one to the list: the English Cottage. Inspired by the original cottages from England, these homes possess a welcoming feel that call up images of cozy comfort and charming whimsey. The grounds of these homes tend to be as important as the homes themselves with lush outdoor spaces created to allow for relaxing and communing with nature. See the full map of all English Cottage homes for sale in Portland.

Characteristics of an English Cottage Style Home in Portland


One of the first characteristics you’ll notice about English Cottage style homes is the dramatically sloped roofs (sometimes reaching almost to the ground), brick pathways leading to inviting arched doorways, and stand-out chimneys.

Facades of natural stone work, detailed brick lays, stucco, wood siding and hand-carved woodwork, or a combination of some or all of the above is common with this style of architecture, which is usually asymmetrical.

Casement window groupings of three or four (some bay) with diamond-pattern inlays, cobblestone pathways, brick garden walls, and window boxes are also common.

And as mentioned, lovely landscaping is oftentimes a featured component of a cottage home’s exterior, the intention being to evoke feelings of being in the countryside: a mix of evergreen vegetation with pops of color from seasonal flowers.


The English Cottage style home almost always has a second floor with steeply slanted ceilings, mirroring the roof’s exterior slope, giving the upper rooms a cozy feel. Charming arched doorways also often grace the interiors of these homes.

Historically, fireplaces were a central feature, serving functional purposes for cooking and heating the home. In many more contemporary English Cottage homes, this feature remains and is located in the living room near the front door, with the exterior of the chimney serving as part of the home’s street-facing facade.

As with the fireplace, this style of home generally focuses on overall functionality throughout, offering a comfortable, rustic aesthetic, with the floor plans being open and informal.

The use of natural stones on the exterior is often carried through to the interior. You might see these showing up in bathrooms, kitchens, and around fireplaces. Wood beams are also another feature that creates the coziness these homes are known for.

How did the English Cottage Style Home get its Name?

The first English cottages date all the way back to Medieval Europe and were created to house cotters, or farmers.

When did the English Cottage Style Home Come to Portland?

The English Cottage became popular in the U.S. during the 1920s housing boom. Soldiers returned home with design inspiration from architecture they had seen overseas, and the most favored styles belonged to U.S. allies, like England. The English Cottage became a blending of several other styles, such as Tudor and Arts & Crafts.

The style came to Portland around the same time. With WWI having ended just a few years before, along with economic and other challenges, people were searching for comfort and simplicity on the home front.

Where to Find English Cottage Style Homes in Portland

English Cottage style homes are mostly located on Portland’s east side with concentrations of them in the Eastmoreland, Laurelhurst, Richmond, Hosford-Abernethy (Ladd’s Addition), and Sellwood-Moreland (Garthwick) neighborhoods.

You’ll also find a small smattering of these homes on Portland’s west side.

Looking for an English Cottage Style Home in Portland?

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November 14, 2022

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