How Many Showings to Sell a Home? 2022 Report

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The United States as a whole, greater Portland metro area included, has been in a seller’s market since the early 2020 when COVID19 threw the industry for a loop. One of the annual reports we started a few years prior was the average number of showings it takes to sell a home. This homeowner concern skyrocketed with the start of the pandemic, and still remains of great interest. This showing report fits well in with our other related annual real estate market reports such as, How many days does it take to sell a home?, What day of the week do most buyers look for homes?, What is the best time of the year to buy (or sell) a home?, and more.

How many showings to sell a home in 2022? (the formula)

The average home showing formula has two significant parts. We have to know how many buyers are out touring homes every month (smart lockbox reports) and compare that with how many of those same homes go pending in that month (local MLS reports) in order to get the average number of showings it took for those same homes to go pending.

Thankfully, our local MLS, RMLS, provides us all the data we need to compile our annual home showing report.

1. How many buyers are touring homes each month?

Looking back at March 2022, there were 20,400 MLS home showings in Oregon the first week, 21,006 the second, 21,073 the third, and 18,654 the fourth, or 81,133 showings total for the four week period.

2. How many homes go pending each month?

Those 81,133 home buyer showings in Oregon RMLS listed homes in March 2022 caused 4,705 of those same homes to go pending.

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In 2022, it took 17 home buyer showings to sell a home.

Simply put, those 81,113 home showings caused 4,705 homes to go pending at a rate of 17 showings per pending sale.

Two reasons why it might be taking less showings to sell a home

The number of showings it takes to sell a home has been dropping over the last few years, and this is most likely due to the extremely low inventory the real estate market is dealing with, leading to less home buyer choices and buyers that are more likely to pull the trigger (make an offer on a home) faster. Another reason why the average number of showings it takes to sell a home is dropping is likely due to 3D tours, which are rising in popularity in combination with other excellent online tools that allow home buyers to better vet properties before committing to look at them physically.

Yearly report on home many showings it takes to sell a home.

We’ve done our best to calculate how many showings it takes to sell a home in Oregon listed in our local MLS, RMLS to help our clients understand what to expect when they prepare to sell their own home.

YearNumber of Showings to Sell a Home

How homeowners can reduce the hassle of home showings.

In our local hot sellers market most homes are selling the first weekend. We advise our clients to take off for that weekend (or at least plan on being gone most of the each weekend day) to avoid the hassle of constantly leaving and coming back to the home to accommodate showing requests. Many of our clients will take a short weekend vacation and come back after the weekend is over to pick the best offer on their home. Even if the home doesn’t sell the first weekend (perhaps it is a difficult to sell property on a busy street, or it is in the slower fall or winter season) the homeowner will still miss the initial rush of showings if they can make themselves scarce that first weekend. After that initial weekend passes, showings slow down and become more periodic and easier to deal with.

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April 15, 2022

Stephen FitzMaurice

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