Top 10 Visited Real Estate Websites, 2023 Report

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In the modern world, home sales are an online affair. Nearly every home in the country is sold as a result of online home search traffic, either by a home buyer on a public website like Zillow, or by a real estate agent searching their local online MLS system. I’ve been tracking these trends year by year (licensed since 2003). In our local area is has become important to list in multiple MLS systems with every home we sell, to reach the broadest number of connected agents. We also pay extra to feature our client’s homes on the top websites so they get more views, more tours, and then finally more and better offers.

It is very important for me to know which websites are gaining market share, and which are loosing. I need to know which websites have the greatest impact in a client’s home sale, and which aren’t likely to move the needle. Thankfully, our local MLS systems broadcast out where we need to be, which is a good start, but it doesn’t tell me which sites are worth paying special attention to, and potentially spending more money with, in order to boost our clients’ homes presence online, to help them sell faster and for more.

Top 5 Real Estate Websites in 2023

Monthly VisitorsAverage Visit DurationChange in visitor count from 2022 Report
1. Zillow.com300.5 Million6:27 Minutes+ 45 Million
2. Realtor.com124.2 Million5:48– 12 Million
3. Redfin.com100.8 Million4:37+ 21 Million
4. Trulia.com48.87 Million4:48+ 0
5. Movoto.com23.02 Million3:55– 1 Million
Data provided by SimilarWeb.

The top 5 list has stayed the same since 2020 when dropped out (I believe mostly to coding issues) and moved into its place. has been slowly crawling up the top 5 list and is now encroaching on’s number two spot. Despite Redfin’s growth and’s significant user base, Zillow still outranks their combined traffic, and the combined traffic of the rest of the top four put together. (Zillow also owns and since purchasing the website has stopped its growth.)

Top 10 List of Real Estate Websites (cont.)

Monthly VisitorsAverage Visit DurationChange in visitor count from 2022 Report
6. Homes.com22.12 Million4:52 Minutes+ 12 Million (rose 1 spot)
7. Remax.com9.7 Million3:28+ 3 Million (rose 1 spot)
8. ColdwellBankerHomes.com8.4 Million2:13– 1 Million (fell 2 spots)
9. Compass.com8.3 Million3:31+ 3 Million
10. Propertyshark.com4.7 Million3:18+ 1 Million (rose 2 spots)

From the 2022 real estate website traffic report, the biggest loser is, falling from its number six spot. is the biggest gainer by far, nearly doubling its traffic from last year’s report. This is because was purchased by (a near monopoly owner on all commercial real estate websites). The purchase represents CoStar’s attempt to enter the residential market. So far, the acquisition is working. I expect by 2024 will return to its previous spot in the top 5 real estate websites, and who knows how far up CoStar can take the website from there. is one to watch.

Beyond the Top 10 Real Estate Websites

Monthly VisitorsAverage Visit DurationChange in visitor count from 2022 Report
11. Homesnap.com3.9 Million3:21 Minutes
12. Sothebysrealty.com2.94:56(rose 4 spots)
13. Kw.com2.66:30(rose 2 spots)
14. Century21.com2.3 3:51(fell 4 spots)
15. Exprealty.com1.94:39(rose 2 spots)
16. Estately.com1.71:28(fell 3 spots)
17. Rockethomes.com1.42:26(fell 3 spots)

Biggest Real Estate Websites Winners and Losers

The Keller Williams search site, fell from top rankings in 2019. In 2018 was a top ten visited real estate website. Despite Keller Williams supposed commitment to technology, their primary home search portal has dismal traffic, especially considering the size and wealth of the company behind it. also used to be a top ten real estate website and has similarly fallen over the last five years or so. used to be a significant public home search portal and has lost perhaps 80% of its traffic since 2018. was one of the fastest rising websites in the last few years, but recently has plateaued and isn’t showing any recent growth. The website gained most of its traffic by partnering with local MLS systems, some of which have since stopped using its services. It is hard to say where will go from here.

Real Estate Websites to Watch in 2023

We previously had listed as one to watch as it had been purchased by Costar (the domain) for a huge fee. But then it appears CoStar changed its mind and picked up instead (now just redirects to Instead of building a new site from scratch, CoStar decided to fix (probably a good decision). As mentioned above, it will be interest to see if continues to lose traffic overtime and if Redfin is able to overtake their platform and claim the number two spot. It also appears, at least at the moment, that no one is going to dethrone, not anytime soon, perhaps never.

Recommended Real Estate Websites for Oregon and Washington

Most real estate agents do not recommend their clients use Zillow or the other major platforms, and they don’t recommend them for a long list of reasons. First, the national websites are not as accurate as local sites, because the local sites have direct MLS feeds (closer to the source or original data). Real estate agents by in large, upload new homes for sale direct into a local MLS system. Then all of these MLS systems (there are over 300 in the U.S.) feed into the national portals. But in order to make a complicated system like that work, often the data is dumbed down from local sources or mistakes are made in translation. So often using a local site direct connected to a local MLS provides the most accurate and detailed information on homes for sale. Here are the sites we recommend if you live in Oregon or Washington:

Our Top Team is Standing By

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February 17, 2023

Stephen FitzMaurice

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