Top 4 Maps for Portland Real Estate Buyers – 2021

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Shopping for real estate can feel like being toppled by a landslide of information. It helps to have visual aids as you explore neighborhoods, research the amenities that are important to you (whether it’s restaurants, schools or safety), and shop for your dream home. Fortunately, in 2021, interactive maps are ready to help you organize your search. 

Map 1: Portland Homes For Sale

We’ll start with the most obvious map to use first if you’re ready to start comparing home prices, lining up in-person or virtual tours, and creating sharable a list of your favorite homes on the market:

Here are some of the maps you can make with its powerful search tools:

  • A map of homes in your price range that have virtual tours available
  • A map of new listings that just hit the Portland real estate market today
  • A map of all the open houses near you
  • A map of homes that have a “bumpable buyer
  • A map of all single-story (eg. ranch-style) homes

The best thing about this map search tool is that it’s incredibly easy to use. Type in your search area (can be the name of a school, neighborhood, city, county or zip code) and a list of results will appear along with a map of those results. You can continue to refine your search by zooming in on the map, or filter using the buttons on the left under the search bar. Hint: Click on “More” and then “Advanced” to access some of the search filters listed above. 

Map 2: Portland Home and Property Data

At some point in the home-buying process, saavy buyers will want to use You can look up the permit history for any Portland property, find out what school district a home is in, figure out the zoning regulations, and much, much more. Simply enter the address of the home you’re looking at and all relevant info will appear in the side panel. 

At you can access earthquake maps, floodplain maps, and landslide risk maps — all important risk factors to keep in mind before you buy a home. 

Map 3: Portland Neighborhood Guide

If you’re early in the home-search process and still figuring out what neighborhood you want to live in, the Portland Neighborhood Guide is gold. To start with, it’s nice to have a map that just shows neighborhood names so that you can orient yourself to the area. But you can also click through the map to get a page about every Portland neighborhood (all 90+ of them!) The Porltand neighborhood pages have detailed maps, videos, articles, reports, and even podcast episodes describing each neighborhood in the City of Portland. 

Map 4: Portland Attractions from Local Experts

Portland has an amazing number of things to do, from food carts to arcade games, and it can get overwhelming fast! When you need a break from home shopping, head to Near Me Now: The Official Guide to Portland. Using your location or selecting from a list of local attractions, you can get location-based recommendations for more things to do, whether you want to relax in a park, try a new hobby or support a locally owned businesses. You just may discover a “locals’ secret” place! The map is also mobile-friendly to view in your web browser.

November 6, 2020

Stephen FitzMaurice

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