Portland Real Estate Suburb Reports

We write regular reports on each Portland suburb’s real estate market including current performance and forecasts, as well as informational posts.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Damascus, Oregon

March 14, 2022

If you’ve toyed with the idea of leaving the city and heading to the suburbs, one you might not have considered is Damascus, located between Clackamas and Gresham. It’s populated with 17,223 fiercely independent residents who have fought to live life on their terms. (Read on and you’ll see what we mean.) This small, pastoral suburb, once called “The Smallest Town with the Biggest Ideas,” has much to offer those who want access to the city but prefer a quiet, next-to-nature lifestyle every day. If you’re not familiar with with Damascus, here are a few facts about this quiet, quaint little burg you might not be aware of. 1. Damascus is Loaded with Farms and Nurseries Of the 16.14 square...

Top 5 Most Affordable Portland, Oregon Suburbs

March 11, 2022

Continued low inventory and rising real estate prices have complicated the ease of finding a home for many, both here in Portland and across the country. Many have questioned the affordability of living in Portland proper. Many have fled to the suburbs (which at least were cheaper than the city proper). As we wrote about in our 7 Top Real Estate News Stories of 2021 article, while real estate prices are expected to rise throughout 2022, the rate of these increases should slow down (though they haven’t yet). Will this have an impact on home sales in Portland, or will people still want to flee to the suburbs for a quieter, more affordable lifestyle? This question is just as pressing...

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Forest Grove, Oregon

March 7, 2022

There’s no doubt that many people find Portland a desirable place to call home yet resist living in the city proper due to real estate prices and a preference for a quieter lifestyle. The good news is that Portland is surrounded by several suburbs, just as desirable in their own right, offering people the possibility of the quieter, more affordable lifestyle they want with easy access to Portland and all its amenities. Forest Grove, Oregon has a lot to offer. Here, we share five things you might not know about Forest Grove, a quiet, growing community located just twenty-five miles west of Portland. Check them out and see if this up-and-coming suburb is a good fit for everything you want...

West Linn Real Estate Market, 2022 Update and Forecast

February 21, 2022

We’re looking at West Linn, a suburb just twenty miles south of Portland proper, known for its quiet neighborhoods, plenty of parks, and highly rated schools, not to mention Willamette Falls, the largest waterfall in all of the Pacific Northwest! Learn more about West Linn here. West Linn, Oregon Average Real Estate Sales and Listings From the January 2022 RMLS report, we learned the following. Average Sale Price: $1,054,400, +21.9% from January 2021 (Combined Report w/ Lake Oswego) Active Listings: 61 (as of January 31) New Listings: 83 Pending Sales: 78, -35% from January 2021 Closed Sales: 82 West Linn outdid all of Portland and its surrounding suburbs (except for Mt. Hood) in terms of real estate price increases. Here’s...

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hillsboro, Oregon

January 31, 2022

Want to live in Portland, but find real estate prices too high for your budget? Or maybe you already live in Portland and are considering a move to the suburbs like so many others have done in the past two years for a quieter, more affordable lifestyle. Each of Portland’s suburbs has its own personality, features, and amenities, so if you’re thinking of a move, it’s important to get familiar with the vibe of each one. Doing a thorough survey can take time, though, so we’re here to help. We took a close look at Hillsboro, one of the top 5 safest Portland suburbs, and found five things you might not know about this thriving community. 1. First Class Transportation...

Tualatin real estate market

Tualatin Real Estate Market Update and 2022 Forecast

January 26, 2022

Despite its location—only a 15-minute drive from Portland—Tualatin, Oregon boasts a peaceful, small-town vibe with a population over 28,000. One of the fastest growing cities in Oregon, Tualatin has much to offer, and people must be getting hip to this fact because the city has seen an 8.57% population increase from the 2010 census. Before we get to the city’s real estate market activity, let’s take a look at what makes Tualatin such a desirable place to live. Tualatin, Oregon Facts and Features Nestled in the northwest corner of Washington county (and a small portion of Clackamas county), Tualatin is home to nature lovers. Quiet and picturesque, the city is graced with the Tualatin River just to the north. Tualatin...

tigard real estate market

Tigard Real Estate Market Update and 2022 Forecast

November 15, 2021

Anyone who follows greater Portland real estate market trends knows that they tend to align with the seasons: things warm up in the spring and summer, cool down in the fall and winter. And that’s generally true for the Tigard real estate market right now. It’s always a good idea, though, to consider nuances to gain clear insight into what’s going on in a particular area and to consider where it all might lead in the coming months. Is the Tigard Real Estate Market Cooling Off? We consulted Fidelity.com and found that inventory has been increasing in Tigard since mid-spring which is typical for the area. Tigard Real Estate Inventory But while inventory has been increasing, time on market has...

bethany oregon

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bethany, Oregon

November 8, 2021

With more and more people in search of social distance, safety, and serenity after the onset of COVID-19, it’s no surprise many are fleeing the city and heading to the suburbs. Bethany, Oregon is one of the top ranked suburbs in Oregon on several fronts. Bethany is an unincorporated community in Washington County with both Beaverton and Portland zip codes. It’s a place where the city, the suburbs, and nature meet. Its draw must be powerful, because it’s seen a significant population increase from 20,646 in 2010, according to the U.S. Census Report to its current population of 26,501. We’ve looked into Bethany and found five reasons why people are flocking to this desirable, growing Portland suburb. 1. It’s a...

Lake Oswego Real Estate Market Update and 2022 Forecast

October 29, 2021

Lake Oswego is one of Portland’s most popular suburbs for professionals and families of all kinds. Residents move to this city, located a mere 8 miles from Portland, to enjoy its natural beauty, excellent public educational system, and sense of community. Of course, there is its name sake, Lake Oswego with surrounding parks and water activities. Then Lake Oswego also boasts its own downtown shopping area and is known for its highly rated schools and low crime rates. As we near the end of 2021, let’s take a look at how the real estate market in this desirable Portland suburb compares to the current Portland metro real estate market. Current Lake Oswego Real Estate Market October 29th, 2021, numbers from...

Portland’s Hottest Real Estate Suburb, Surprise! – Mt. Hood

October 8, 2021

Without a doubt, the Mt. Hood area is known as a prime vacation and recreation spot for visitors. But with more and more city dwellers looking for solitude and space, Mt. Hood is becoming a popular real estate market for Portlanders. In fact, we’re adding it to our list of Portland’s hottest suburbs because the demand for this area far exceeded all other Portland real estate market suburbs in 2021. Nestled at the base of Oregon’s highest peak are several small towns, each with its own personality, all of which comprise the villages of Mt. Hood. Why not take a day trip to explore and see which one is right for you? Start with Brightwood and work your way south...